Exercise #119 – Exercise and Energize Your Legs and Feet, Part 9




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“Heaven and Earth are everlasting
The reason Heaven and Earth can last forever
Is that they do not exist for themselves
Thus they can last forever.”
Tao Te Ching, #7:1, translated by www.Taoism.net


 In this exercise we will be stretching out our legs from the hip all the way to the ankle.  When you stretch your leg as far as it can comfortably go, make sure you don’t lock your knee.  Remember to always be cautious when learning a new exercise.  Stop if you feel pain, cramping or stress on the leg muscles: you may have to reduce the length of your stretch.


Bow stance to the side:

  1. Sit as usual with your back against the back of your chair, feet flat on the floor shoulder-width apart.  Take 3 slow breaths before your begin.
  2. Slide to the side of your chair (your back will no longer be supporte dy the chair) and stretch your right leg out to the side.  Hold the leg at the fullest stretch possible without locking your knee while you breathe in an out slowly for a count of 6 breaths.
  3. Breathe out as you return your foot to the front of your chair.
  4. Repeat using the left leg and hold for a slow count of 6 breaths.  Again, breathing out as you return you foot to the front of your chair.
  5. Continue to alternate legs with the breathing holds for a complete set of 6 leg stretches or 3 on each side.


 Acupressure point:


  • Click on the illustration above from Michael Reed Gach’s Acupressure’s Potent Points to enlarge your view.
  • Find the point marked St 36.  This point is called the Three Mile Point.
  • Press firmly on this point on one leg at a time or both legs at the same time for no less than a full minute.  Breathe slowly in an out as you press on this point.

Benefits:  This effective point is helpful for joints, will strengthen the whole body, relieve indigestion and alleviate much of the fatigue that results form dealing with the pain of arthritis.

Don’t forget to drink water at the end of your exercise session or any time you begin to feel thirsty.  A Word of Caution…If you have or have had problems with your kidneys, please consult your physician.


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Article of interest: http://arthritis.webmd.com/news/20090604/tai-chi-may-ease-arthritis-pain


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