Exercise #181 – Exercises and Acupressure for Nausea and Indigestion, Part 3


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“People, in handling affairs
Often come close to completion and fail
If they are as careful in the end as the beginning
Then they would have no failure.”

Tao Te Ching #64:3 translated at http://www.taoism.net 


This week we are continuing with the acupressure points for nausea, indigestion and heartburn.  As always, find a comfortable chair and a quiet spot in your home to ensure the effectiveness of the breathing exercise and acupressure point.  Noise, interruptions and even a little bit of discomfort can adversely effect the potency of these healing sessions.


Breathing with Sea of Vitality (B23 and B47) acupressure point:

  1. Sit as usual with your feet flat on the floor shoulder-width apart.  Make sure your back is fully supported by the back of your chair.
  2. Take 6 slow, thoughtful breaths in and out through your nose.
  3. Locate the points labeled B23 and B47 on the illustration below from Michael Reed Gach’s book, Acupressure’s Potent Points.
  4. These are not the easiest spots to reach on yourself.  However, if you fist your hands, place your fists against the point on both sides of your spine and lean back against your hands, you can effectively use one set of points at a time.
  5. Hold your fisted hands at each set for at least a full minute.  Then, change points and hold your fisted hands on that set for another full minute if you wish.
  6. Continue to breathe in and out through your nose slowly and thoughfully, eyes closed while you are holding the pressure on the acupressure points and then again after you have finished.

Benefits:  These points relieve indigestion, abdominal pain and stomachaches.


Don’t forget to drink water at the end of your exercise session or any time you begin to feel thirsty.  A Word of Caution…If you have or have had problems with your kidneys, please consult your physician.


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The exercises in this blog are intended for educational purposes only.  Always consult with your health care provider before beginning a new exercise program.




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