Exercise #114 – Relax and Energize Legs and Feet, Part 4



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“Bearing it, rearing it
Bearing without possession
Achieving without arrogance
Raising without domination
This is called the Mystic Virtue.”
Tao Te Ching #10, translated by www.Taoism.net


 In a previous exercise, we used the leverage of the floor to strengthen our ankles and feet.  In this exercise we will again be working feet and ankles but with the addition of the thigh muscles.  Raise your legs only as high as comfortable.  Legs should be straight out in front of you but don’t lock your knees.  As usual, proceed with caution.  If your muscles clench or you feel pain in your joints, stop.  Make whatever adjustments will work for you or simply move on to another exercise and skip this one. 

Off the floor point and flex:

  1.  Begin sitting as usual with your back supported by the back of your chair so that your hips are tucked slightly underneath you.  Feet should be shoulder-width apart even when lifted off the floor.
  2. Raise your right leg directly in front of you so that it is level with the height of your chair if possible.  Point and flex your foot alternately for a total of 12 points and 12 flexes.
  3. Change feet and repeat the same number of times.  Reduce the number of times with each foot if there is too much strain on your muscles.


Acupressure Point:

  • Click on the illustration above from Michael Reed Gach’s book to enlarge your view.
  • Find the pressure point, Wilderness Mound (GB40), on the outside of your foot just below the ankle bone.
  • Press firmly on this point on either or alternating feet for at least 30 seconds every day to relieve the pain of ankle sprain, toe cramps and sciatica that has traveled to your foot.
Don’t forget to drink water at the end of your exercise session or any time you begin to feel thirsty.  A Word of Caution…If you have or have had problems with your kidneys, please consult your physician.


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~The exercises in this blog are intended for educational purposes only.  Always consult with your health care provider before beginning a new exercise program.~



One thought on “Exercise #114 – Relax and Energize Legs and Feet, Part 4

  1. Great post I my self starting teaching tai chi on cruses as a part time job I love it so much that now I have been teaching my friends and family and see a remarkable improvement on everyones life,
    thanks for the great content keep up the good work

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