Exercise #92 – Healthy Breathing Exercises, Part 1



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 “Yield and remain whole
Bend and remain straight
Be low and become filled
Be worn out and become renewed
Have little and receive
Have much and be confused.”
Tao Te Ching #22, translation by www.Taoism.net


My students and I have been experimenting with a variety of breathing exercises.  We have found many of them to be  beneficia,l particularly for those of us with sinus problems and/or allergies that cause nasal stuffiness.   The next few exercises will describe methods of breathing – sometimes in conjunction with arm movements, sometimes as stand-alone exercises.  I’d appreciate hearing your opinion on these exercises in the comment section at the bottom of this post.   Let me know which exercises are effective for you.

Alternate nostril exercise:

  1. Sit in your usual position with your hips tucked under,  feet flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart.
  2. Hold the right side of  your nose closed as you breathe in through your left nostril.   Then change sides, closely the left nostril as you breathe out through your right nostril.  Repeat breathing in through the right and breathing out through the left for a total of 6 times.
  3. Then, change sides, breathing in through your right side and out through the left for an equal number of times.   Repeat as often during the day as needed.

Reflexology point:


(for a larger view, click on the illustration above)

  • You will find this reflexology point on the toe next to the little toe on either foot.
  • Massage on that toe in the area just below the toe nail for a few seconds, then press firmly on the point labeled “Face/Sinus” on the illustration above for no less than 60 seconds.
  • You may stimulate this point as often as necessary on either or both feet.


Don’t forget to drink water at the end of your exercise session or any time you begin to feel thirsty.  A Word of Caution…If you have or have had problems with your kidneys, please consult your physician.


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~The exercises in this blog are intended for educational purposes only.  Always consult with your health care provider before beginning a new exercise program.~

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