Exercise #59 – Arm Pressure Points for Immunity

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 “There was something formless and perfect
before the universe was born.
It is serene. Empty.
Solitary. Unchanging.
Infinite. Eternally present.
It is the mother of the universe.
For lack of a better name,
I call it the Tao.”

Tao Te Ching #25, translated by S. Mitchell


With the Mexican swine flu spreading throughout our country, it is more important than ever to take care of our health.   The following acupressure points are all on the arms and hands.  Use these frequently while sitting quietly and breathing slowly in and out.  Next week, we’ll feature immune-stimulating points on the legs and feet. 


Acupressure’s Potent Points by Michael Reed Gach 

Crooked Pond (LI 11)

  • You can find this pressure point on the upper edge of your elbow crease.
  • Press firmly on this point for at least a full minute.  You may cross your arms and press the points on both arms at the same time.

Benefits: This point increases the effectiveness of the immune system and can relieve fever, constipation and elbow pain.

Outer Gate (TW 5)

  • You will find this point 2 and a half finger widths above the center of your wrist crease on the outside of the forearm.
  • Press firmly on this point (one arm at a time) for a full minute.

Benefits: This particular point increases resistance to colds in addition to relieving rheumatism, tendonitis, and wrist pain.

Joining the Valley (LI 14)

  • Find this point in the webbing between the thumb and index finger.  To make sure you have the right spot, move your thumb close to your finger.  At the highest part of the muscle is the correct location.
  • Press firmly on this point (one hand at a time) for a full minute then change to your other hand.

Benefits: In addition to increasing the effectiveness of our immune system, this effective pooint relies arthritis, constipation, headaches, toothaches, shoulder pain and labor pains.

Note: This point should not be used by pregnant women because it can cause premature contractions.


Don’t forget to drink water at the end of your exercise session or any time you begin to feel thirsty.  A Word of Caution…If you have or have had problems with your kidneys, please consult your physician


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~The exercises in this blog are intended for educational purposes only.  Always consult with your health care provider before beginning a new exercise program.~

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