Exercise #19 – Calming the Emotions

What does it mean that hope is as hollow as fear?
Hope and fear are both phantoms
that arise from thinking of the self.
When we don’t see the self as self,
what do we have to fear?”
Tao Te Ching, #13, Translated by S. Mitchell


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    In all my classes, I experiment with a variety of exercise combinations and movements.  Because my students are a diverse group it can be difficult to assess the level of effectiveness.  Sometimes it’s the combination of exercises that seem to work best; other times it’s the individual exercises that are most effective.  These students all have one thing in common though and that is how busy and distracted they are.  No matter our age or lifestyle there will always be stressors that impact our health and well-being. 

The following exercise is really the same as Balloon Breathing.  The difference is to be found in the purpose of the arm movements.  Balloon Breathing is a good way to relax and to check on where the breath is coming from (holding your hands on your abdomen ensures that you are using your diaphragm to breathe, not your upper chest).  In this case however, we want to “symbolically” remove negative emotions such as irritations, annoyances, fears and anger with the motion of our hands.  Be mindful of those things that have caused you to feel stressed today and remove them from your emotional storage area, the middle dan tien.

Exercise #19 – Calming the Emotions

Posture – Remain in the same seated position that you have used in the other exercises.  Be relaxed but don’t slump in your chair.

Benefits – The release of negative emotions that interfere with your well-being.

  1. Sit with your hands resting on your thighs.
  2. As you breathe in, lift both hands to mid-chest level.
  3. Breathe out through your mouth and push forward.  Keep your arms and hands relaxed as you push. 
  4. When your elbows are almost straight, breathe in again and return your hands to mid-chest level.
  5. Breathe out as you push your hands straight forward again.
  6. Repeat your in-and-out breaths for a total of at least 9 times.  Remember to push your negative feelings out with each outgoing breath. 


Try the acupressure point Spirit Gate to help clear your negative emotions.

  • Locate this point on the inside wrist crease of your arm.  It is below your little finger just beneath the knobby bone of your hand.
  • Press on this point for at least 60 seconds any time during the day when you’re feeling particularly anxious as well as at the end of this exercise session.

Benefits – Regular use of this point will relieve anxiety, nervousness and emotional imbalances.

 Don’t forget to replenish your fluids with a glass of water at the end of your exercise session.  A word of caution…if you have or have had kidney problems, please consult your physician regarding the amount of water appropriate for your condition.

~The exercises in this blog are intended for educational purposes only.  Always consult with your health care provider before beginning a new exercise program.~


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